Woman Between Two Mirrors

Insatiable Moods

Blank minds continue to suppress. Us ~ so lovely so vulnerable to modern starvation. Transitional emotions concealed by shallow mirrors of aloofness reflecting literal existence while we stand motionless ~ waiting with anticipation for the world to stop and listen to our … Continue reading

The Pale Shadow

In Memorium The presence of the dark wall so threatening I see nothing beyond the darkness. Onerous pressure envelopes the whole; the grey vision imperishable. Mind spinning body aching all anguish all frustration is drawn out and numbs beyond numbness. Unrelentless to … Continue reading
People Silhouettes

Inner Conflict

Stranger among a sea of new faces. Old ones reappearing demanding attention. Torn between past and present. Afraid to hurt yet inner mind tranquil knowing years can never separate the bond. Friendly faces eager to please. Never quite the same. Still a stranger in many ways leaving … Continue reading
Nurse Holding Syringe by marin

Invisible Walls

A warm yet detached smile. A tender yet cold touch. So near and yet so far. Distant from the problem. Just lending a sterile hand to responsibilities so great. Frustrations of having to remain aloof. Strangers become patients remain strangers draining you ~ of attention and love and … Continue reading
Creativity Concept

I Am But One

Humankind in fragments. Individuals picking out pieces, discarding conventions, stereotypes non-existent in his world. Still searching. Never lingering long enough to be caught in the tide of monotony. A minute particle in a vast universe of mass production, struggling for … Continue reading