Farewell Childhood Friend

In Memorium

Sweet friendships once upon a time
cut short in the hour of prime
with many fond memories of days past
which do not fade when we don’t last.

Expendable words and indigestible thoughts
turned upside down in a vacuum fraught
with actions of dire consequences,
momentarily distracting normally acute senses.

All it takes is that split second mistake
no second chances, the only one you make
forcing the path you have embarked on,
an unforeseen impact chosen at random.

Or is it?

Although in disbelief at the loss I endure
I will continue on in this world to mature
amongst flashbacks of horses, marriage and life’s journey
where your presence my friend, still ought to be.

Life is unpredictable
and your passing unimaginable
yet depart is what you have done
leaving me to mourn your existence gone.

Rest In Peace my childhood friend.

© Brenda Aksionov 2010

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