My Partisan Dad

My Dad’s light is burning bright
in heaven now with Mum,
his last few breaths kissed goodbye
to the physical life he clung.

To come from a war torn country
on the other side of the globe
and make a new home for his family
using his skills for a worthy job.

There was nothing my Dad could not do
he was a competent ‘Jack of all trades’,
whatever he put his creative hand to
was always perfectly made.

My Dad was a man with integrity
who had experienced hardship and war,
he was loyal to his friends and to family
was lovingly generous to the core.

It was hard for my Dad to admit defeat
with the health issues he had to wear,
however he continued to soldier on
far longer than most could bear.

Dad you were my hero in so many ways,
you helped bring my dreams to life,
with silent and selfless sufferance,
I had no inkling you might be in strife.

Somehow my ‘Mr Fix It’ Dad
always made things work out,
nothing was ever a bother for him,
you only had to give him a shout.

It was sad to watch my Dad once strong
begin to fade over time,
with his body giving up on him
which could not be said of his mind.

I am proud that my Dad achieved so much
during life in his adopted land,
and he kept driving almost to the end
but 87 he could not withstand.

Your legacy, wisdom and honour Tata
will forever keep me glad,
how fortunate and proud I am to have had,
such an awesome Partisan Dad.

© Brenda Aksionov 2013

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